Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Europe Trip (Favorite Photos) - ICELAND Reykjavik- October 2013


Probably not the place you'd go to for a scuba (dry-suit) experience...but that's exactly what we did....

I believe the water temperature was 2 degrees was pretty cold, but to have the experience of diving between the continental divide (AND BEING ABLE TO TOUCH BOTH SIDES AT THE SAME TIME) is something I'm quite proud to have done.

Putting into practice all that i had learned about underwater videography, into THIS particular drive was extremely challenging. This was because we had to wear dry-suits and fight off the cold at the same time.

The dry suits in themselves were very difficult to move in but extremely necessary. In addition to this, dry-suits are extremely buoyant AND you further fill them with air from your tank! Xontrolling assent and decent was a challenging to say the lest.... let alone fiddling with cameras and trying to get the right angle and not shake!

Oh and then there was the fact that the gloves we had to wear had only THREE FAT GIANT FINGERS...which made using the Gopro rather difficult.

Still, I had fun :) and here's the result (remember to watch it in on the little cog on the bottom right and choose 720p):

And this is the other thing i will always remember about see this live and with your own eyes is an unforgettable experience.....The Aurora Borealis!

Friday, 11 October 2013

Europe Trip (Favorite Photos) - Dublin - October 2013

Dublin, Ireland....I actually like this city and country....we came here to attend TBEX which was great fun, got to meet, like-minded and friendly people! (and of course learn some cool stuff as well). The two things i will take away are:

1) Cool tips and tricks re. photography; and
2) "Tato" Brand - Cheese and Onion flavor! - (chips/crisps). I didn't think i would find one of my most favorite and tasty junk foods in IRELAND....i mean one would think you'd find it in the USA or ASIA....but IRELAND???

We stayed at some very quaint and comfortable places...including CASTLES!! the below was the Clontarf Castle i believe:

(Photo taken in the rain...fortunately my camera still works and that the rain didn't actually come out in the photograph)

And this little homely room was located in the Fitzwilliam Hotel right in Dublin CBD itself!

(I liked the different colors....purple, green, red and white...)

Got to have a nice lunch too...very classy......(quite unlike my style)   ;)

(Primarily focusing THROUGH the glass)

Thanks to the local council we were given a number of free trips around Dublin city and the Irish countryside:

Dublin was surprisingly lively at night too!

It was a pity it rained a bit but it was still a nice place to visit....

Monday, 7 October 2013

Europe Trip (Favorite Photos) - Singapore Stopover - October 2013

So on the 7th October 2013, on our way to Europe we stopped by Singapore, we only spent a couple of days there but it's always good to take in some good food and good views:

Sometimes the simplest food are the best (congee)...perhaps because it also takes me back to memories of my younger years...

We were also lucky enough to spend some time at a hotel (I think it was the Ritz Carlton), it was quite nice, especially the view at night :

(Photo was taken with an exposure of about 15 seconds)

After Singapore it was onto Ireland......(PTO)

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Diving WW2 Ship Wrecks of Palawan

So after about a week of editing, fixing and cutting, here's my the product. The visibility was not the best but was it still alright. Had to edit out a few mistakes like pesky lens caps and me getting caught on coral =P, but it was all good.

Thanks muchly to dive master/instructor Archie, who was ever so accommodating and professional.

Anyhow hope you enjoy it (watch it in HD!!! click the option at the bottom of the Youtube frame) .....

The timelapse sunrise was taken on the south-east corner of Uson Island - Palawan, Philippines. A localized map is shown below.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Filming Underwater #2

So needless to say when you're diving and filming at the same time you can easily get distracted takeing in your amazing surroundings and accidentally forget that your filming!

This leads me to my second point...

Lesson #2: Secure loose cables or they WILL get caught!!!

These are, of course, rather "common sense" things to say/do but when you're in-the-moment and just itching to jump into the water/sea you may forget to do this (as I did).

So take a moment, get your dive buddy to check your gear. Besides obviously checking each other's BC, regulators and other dive equipment, take a few moments to make sure you secure (tuck-away/tie-together/tape along side) any camera cables, mono-pods, cases etc. floating behind you.

It wont take long, and believe me it'll save you more time in the long run, not to mention it'll save your shot/clip.

The video below shows me getting snagged onto coral just as I am doing a follow shot into a world war two Japanese wreck.

This is what happens WHEN YOU DO NOT SECURE YOUR GEAR.....

As side note, wreck diving is fun but can also be dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. Being underwater and in a confined space can cause inexperienced divers to get disorientated and panic. If you're new at diving, please don't go into a wreck alone, and definitely do NOT be filming or trying to fumble around with cameras or settings or cables. The last thing you want is to get tangled up with cable/coral, in zero visibility (because you have panicked and kicked up all the dust and silt around you), and be in an enclosed area/wreck where no one can see or help you. Always be safe.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Filming Underwater #1

I was recently lucky enough to take a trip to Palawan in the Philippines and managed to squeeze in a few dives. As with all trips I took my trusty camera (and when i say "camera" i mean my GoPro because thats the only one that can go to diving depths).

I took the opportunity to film some wreck dives and in the process learned a few lessons on the way.

Here's lesson #1: Secure your lens cap!!! 

...not just because they are easy to lose but because they can definitely ruin a shot..and sometimes you only get one chance. Here's an example of a lens cap flapping into the frame!!

(for the finished product / video, see my later posts..)

And this is the actual video clip (size reduced) with me trying to swipe away the lens cap...doesn't make for good footage......

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Time Lapse Results Part 2 - Sunset

(Details of location and shot located below)

My last day at Yosemite marked a most bitter-sweet moment, knowing that I had witnessed and experienced amazing events and at the same time knowing that I may not return for many, many years....if at all.

To make the most of it, I hiked along the "4-Mile Trail" which extends from Yosemite Valley all the way up to Glacier Point. This is where the above time lapse was taken. The trail was not hard and I got to meet many people along the way.....

On my travels I met so many people who were older than me and I observed the following:
- That many of them walk slower and stop more often than me, but covered more ground than me;
- Spoke less than me and listened more than me;
- They are quick to understand yet slow so show it thus allowing the whole story to be told by me.

Taking in the unbelievable scenery of Yosemite and meeting like minded people throughout your treks/trails/hikes will make this one of your life's most memorable experiences.




Location:                                  Yosemite National Park
Camera:                                    GoPro HDHERO2
Settings:                                   11 mp on .5 sec interval
Time of Arrival:                          5:07pm
Duration of Time Lapse:          2 hour 5 minutes
Number of shots in sequence:  19,791
Total size used:                         33.6 Gigabytes
Wind condition:                        Negligible
Temperature:                            15 - 20 degrees Celsius ( 60 - 68 degrees Fahrenheit)
Hiking time:                                45 mins from Glacier Point trail head. Coming from the valley would take a bit longer
 Lessons learned:                      Bring an empty mind and fill it with great memories of Yosemite national park!!